Sault Ste Marie Area Public Schools, A Great Place to Learn


  • Sault Area Middle School


Course or Grade

  • 5th Grade Math and Science

Communication Plan

  • Communication:

    “Virtual Office Hours”: are Tuesdays 8 am-11 am (I will be  in my classroom working on lesson plans and taking parent/student calls) 

    • Please email me Monday -Friday
    • Call or Text: 8:00-3:15  Monday-Friday

    (any questions or concerns about mandatory or non-mandatory assignments or tests)

    • Sault Area Middle School Teacher Website

Delivery Plan

  • Google Classroom, Videos, Emails and/or  Google documents ( possible ZOOM meetings)


Plan for Submitting Work and Feedback


    • Weekly two-way communication between myself and parents and/or students  virtually via email, phone, video chat, Google Classroom
    • Submit student work on Google Classroom, Google Documents, Pictures/Images of completed assignments via email, phone, Google Classroom and/or  Google Documents
    • All assignments that are  listed as “Mandatory Assignments” must be submitted to earn credit



Additional Supports and Extra Help

  • ● All NON-mandatory assignments/lessons/activities (“Math and Science” centers and enrichment websites) are for student review and practice ONLY

    ● Email, text, video chat or call for clarification on NON-mandatory assignments/lessons/activities