School Menus

  • Lunch Includes

    Meat/Meat Alternate, a Grain, Milk and Fruit and Vegetable (You may have two fruits and a vegetable, or two fruits or two vegetables).
    Due to USDA Federal Regulations for the lunch program a fruit and or a vegetable must be selected to be a reimbursable meal. Three items must be chosen out of the five components, one being a fruit or vegetable serving.


    Breakfast Includes

    A choice of assorted fresh fruits, 100% juice and assorted cereals with 25% less sugar, made with whole grain products.

    Children must choose at least three and up to four of the following items: A fruit or juice is required to complete a reimbursable breakfast.
    Must Choose: Assorted fruits or juice
    Choice of: 1% White or Skim Chocolate Milk
    Choice of any two: Assorted bread/grain items