• Staff Leave Types:

    Sick Leave is for when you the employee is sick.  There is a liberal number of these days and no limit to their accumulation.  These are intended for the personal well being of our staff. 

    Sick Leave days are not permitted for use to care for family members or others unless they fall under the Family Illness listed below or there is a documented situation that would fall under FMLA.  In order to qualify for FMLA the situation would need to be certified in advance by the treating physician.

    There are two specific, limited and special uses of your sick leave:

    Family Illness
    is for when a family member, as listed in the contract, is sick and the employee is needed to care for them.  The first 3 days do not come out of your sick leave but the additional 2 emergency days, if used, do come off your sick leave allocation.

    Personal Leave are days for any situation that you need them for.  There are very few limitations on these days and they also come off your sick leave allocation.  The main limitation being that they cannot be used the day before or after any breaks.
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    Athletic Coaching Leave is for Coaches that are coaching a Sault School's team.
    Funeral Leave are days for attending a funeral or other activities for grieving for a listed relative.
    Jury Duty is used when you have to serve on a jury or when you have been called as a school witness before a court.
    Professional Leave is for district staff that are approved for professioanl development.
    Temporary Transfer is for when one staff member is filling in for another staff member.
    Vacation are days for any situation that you need them for.  Please refer to your contract for use limitations.
    There are additional forms of leave available to staff under their collective bargaining agreement and staff members are expected to review thier collective bargaining agreement on these and other points.

    Once leave days are exhausted during a school year a staff member would need to request unpaid leave for additional days.  Staff need to understand this because if a staff member were to use paid leave inappropriately it could be considered fraud and theft which would result in disciplinary measures.  Any questions regarding leave should be directed to the personnel office.