• Mr. Craven's P.E. Syllabus



    Dear Middle School Students and Parents,


    The instructors of the Physical Education Department would like to explain our policies to you so that everyone is aware of how our department operates.  After reading these policies, please sign at the bottom and return it to your Physical Education instructor.



    We in the Physical Education Department feel it is essential for students to participate daily to receive the benefits of physical fitness and development.  Every student is expected to participate to the best of their ability every day. A student must be excused by a parent in writing due to illness or physical problem or injury in order for no loss of points.



    Every student is required to have appropriate shorts or sweat pants, a shirt, gym shoes, and socks in order to participate in the day’s activities. *All clothing must be in compliance with the dress code They must change their shorts/sweat pants and shirt before and after class so as to keep up with healthy hygiene or they will lose all points for the day. Shoelaces must be laced snug and tied to prevent injury. 


    Safety and hygiene are very important in staying healthy.  It is not mandatory for students to take showers, but it is suggested that they do so on days of heavy activity or if they perspire easily.  It is strongly recommended that students bring deodorant/anti-per spirant and use it in moderation.  Absolutely no glass is allowed in the locker room, so all hygiene items must be in plastic containers!


    IT IS ALSO STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT STUDENTS BRING A COMBINATION LOCK IF THEY HAVE VALUABLES IN THE LOCKER ROOM. If you need the teacher to hold on to something valuable I will do so, just remember to claim it at the end of class.



    The student’s grade will be determined using the following areas of evaluation:

    1. Dressing for and participation in activities (includes Health lessons – 
    2. Written tests and assignments
    3. Attitude and effort *Students will be expected to keep their heart rate in their target zone for at least 20 minutes straight.
    4. Some skill tests and performance activities such as 13 minute jog for 6th grade 15 minutes for 7th grade and fitness gram tests.
    5. Cooperation and Sportsmanship




    Keep an open line of communication.  If you have a problem come and see me.  Don’t let it escalate.  If someone is picking on you, let me know.  If you are hurt or have trouble breathing, let me know. 


    If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the Physical Education Policies, please feel free to contact me.


    If you understand and agree to the policies, please sign your name and return the form to me as soon as possible. Also, the concussion awareness form must be returned. 


    Thank you,

    Del Craven

    635-3839 ext. 5723





    By signing this agreement, you indicate that you have read and agree with the policies/requirements of Mr. Craven's Physical Education Class. Both Parent and student must sign.


    Student Signature__________________________________________________ Date:________


    Parent Signature___________________________________________________ Date:________