• What we will be Learning

    I feel that it is important to have respect for each other inside and outside of the classroom. I truly believe having fun is an important part in education. Both these principals will be part of each day's lessons.
    Let's make this year a happy and pleasant one!
    We will be following the state Physical Education standards which can be reviewed at:

    Each week in gym we will be doing:

    Warm-up movement activities - walking, dancing, creative movements to music

    Stretches - slow motions for posture, balance, brain stimulation and increased range of motion

    Cardio - active games and activities to get increase and sustain the heart-rate

    Cool down - Slow down and prepare ourselves to go back to class
    it an exercise that makes you feel good right away and that you can share with others!

    Link to the State of Michigan Physical Education benchmarks:

Last Modified on June 11, 2013