• 2014 Syllabus Spanish I                                                                                     Teacher: Profe Vine




    At the end of the year you will:

                                                    be able to communicate in Spanish regarding basic daily activities

                                                    understand basic cultural differences making you more globally aware

                                                    identify different countries, historical figures and events



    1.  Be responsible

    2.  Always try

    3.  Cooperate with others

    4.  Treat everyone with respect (including yourself)



    1.  Arrive on time with binder, pencils

    2.  Stay on task during all work times

    3.  Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

    4.  Follow directions the first time they are given



    1  3-ring binder, 2-3 inches wide

    5  dividers for binder

    2  pencils                      

                                        It is your responsibility to bring these materials to class each day.

                                        If you are unable to acquire these materials please see me.


    ·               Each week  you will be learning new vocabulary.  It is important to spend 10-15 minutes EVERY night going over vocab -new and old.  (If you want to become a great basketball player you have to practice dribbling and shooting.) 

    ·               In order to give you new information there will also be teacher instruction during which you will need to take notes.

    ·               There will be silent power point presentations and some with audio.  Often you will be required to be filling in a worksheet or responding orally to the presentation.

    ·               You will be doing independent work at your seat which may include reading, writing, working on your netbook, etc.

    ·               Sometimes you will be tasked to work with a partner or a group.  Each member of the group needs to participate.

    ·               We will have projects which may include making posters, writing skits, etc.

    ·               Occasionally we will use games to help cement knowledge



    Grading scale:   93-100 > A                                77-79   > C+                             

                                        90-92   > A-                               73-76   > C

                                        87-89   > B+                              70-72   > C-

                                        83-86   > B                                67-69   > D+

                                        80-82   > B-                               63-66   > D

                                                                                        60-62   > D-                                           0-59     > F


    Relative value:   20 %   homework

                                        20 %   quizzes and tests

                                        40 %   assignments and projects

                                        20 %   behavior and effort





    Entering the classroom

    After entering the classroom please check that you have your materials > 2 pencils, binder, netbook < with you.  This is the time to sharpen your pencils.  Take you seat and check the front board for the warm-up exercise.   There may be papers to pick up in the basket when you enter, if so please pick them up before going to your seat.

    Remember that when the bell rings you should be in your seat and ready to work.

    Tardy to class

    If you are not in your seat when the bell rings you are tardy (unless you are on your way back from the pencil sharpener) 

    Please don't interrupt me or the class.  Seat down and get to work as quickly and quietly as possible.

    Paper or pencil

    If you need paper there is lined paper in the bins at the front of the classroom. 

    You should have 2 pencils with you.  If you don't you may BORROW one from me.  They are in the basket at the front of the room ~~ please return these on your way out.

    How to find out what the daily assignments are

    Each week DAILY OBJECTIVES will be posted on the board. They will also be available on the class web-site. 

    Turning in assignments

    Assignments will be turned in either to the bin for your hour in the front of the room or passed in and given directly to me. 

    Returning assignments to students

    Assignments will be returned to you as quickly as possible. 

    Finding out grade status

    Your grades will be updated weekly.  You can check them online. 

    Student responsibilities after an absence

    When you return from an absence you will

    ·         collect handouts from the “Handouts” file.

    ·         check the board

    ·         ask a peer

    ·         please try and get missing assignments in as soon as possible.

    ·         you can also check online for the assignments and  handouts (even before you return)

    ·          If you miss a test or quiz you will have to make an appointment with me to take it before or after school.  

    Late, missing, or incomplete assignments

    Because I think it is very important to DO all the work -I accept late work.   After one week it loses 10%,

    after two weeks it loses 20%  after 3 weeks it loses 50%.  All late work must be turned in at least two weeks before the end of a marking period.

    Communication procedures with parents and families

    Parents and guardians are encouraged to check on weekly grades via the internet and contact me at jvine@eup.k12.mi.us            When necessary I will contact families by a phone call and if unable to reach them -I will try email.

    Ending class

    The bell does not dismiss the class.  The teacher dismisses the class.  The bell is a reminder to the teacher that students are expected in another room in 5 minutes.  I will not dismiss the class until everyone is quiet and seated.  Generally at the end of the class I will be reminding you of your work for the evening and what is planned the next day.  When I have finished I will say "Adios".

    Consequences for Classroom Rule Violations

    During class I will be monitoring your behavior.  I keep track on a clipboard.  Each week there are 5 points assigned per day on classroom effort and behavior (25 points/week).  This is 20% of your overall grade.  You will be given 15 points to start the week and will earn or lose points based upon your effort and behavior.  By effort and behavior I mean that you will receive points for being on task and following classroom rules.  You will lose points for being off task,  not following the rules and inappropriate behavior.

    Consequences for Code of Conduct Violations

    I must follow through with disciplinary referrals for violations of school wide rules including dress code, unexcused absences, threats, and so forth.


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