• 6th Grade Science

     Welcome to Ms. Dunn’s Class Room!

    “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” – Henry Ford


    Throughout this year you will be asked to become active thinkers and hands on experimenters as we explore various topics of the scientific world.  You will be reading from various science literature sources, scientific articles, and news findings.  A main goal in this class is to aid students in becoming proficient in reading and writing in science.  You will be participating in technological activities and will have access to online scientific simulations.  Beyond the text and content, you will be participating in and designing some of your very own experiments.  You will collect and analyze data, discuss results and present findings.  You will learn key components of what makes for valid scientific procedure, evidence, and theory and will be exposed to the importance science plays in you everyday lives.


    Be Respectful

    -         to me as the teacher

    -         to your fellow classmates and their learning

    -         to yourself and your ability to succeed

    -         to the equipment and classroom environment

    Be Kind


    You will be expected to be in your seat WHEN the bell rings ready to learn; otherwise you will be marked tardy.  This means having a writing utensil in hand(sharpened if need be), classroom yellow book and folder, and any work due that day.

    You will follow CHAMPS expectations that will be posted during the class time and you will have a copy in your own classroom folder

    Absence policy- It is the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to acquire any work missed due to an excused absence.  A bin is kept in the classroom of all the current assignments and students, when absent, are expected to check that bin for what they missed before asking me.  If a student is absent on a test day, the student will have one week form the scheduled test date to make up their test.

    You are expected to have your own pencils/erasers and a folder for this class that is to be kept in the class (it should not double as a folder for other classes).  


    Grades will be based off of test and quiz scores, projects, lab reports, homework, class work, and weekly calendars which include daily participation.  All work is to be handed in by the due date.  If any work is turned in late, it will receive a 50% unless there are extraneous circumstances.  I will be available most days before and after school if students need extra help on assignments.  Progress reports will be sent home periodically. 

     Tests/Quizzes 50%
     Labs 30%
     Classwork/Homework 20%



    The curriculum is based off of the Grade Level Content Expectations developed by the state of Michigan.  You may access these at the website listed below if you are interested in specific standards.



    1. Science Process (Will be taught throughout course of year)

    -         Inquiry Process, Inquiry Analysis and Communication, Reflection and Social Implications

    2. Life Science

    -         Organization of Living Things (Producers,Consumers, Decomposers), and Ecosystems (Interactions, Relationships, Biotic/Abiotic, Environmental Impact)

    3. Physical Science

    -         Energy (Kinetic and Potential, Transfer and forms of energy), Changes in Matter (phases)

    4.  Earth Science

    -         Solid Earth (soil, rock cycle/formations, weathering and erosion, plate tectonics, magnetic fields) and Earth in Space and Time (geologic time)


    This year we are implementing Battle Creek Science Kits.  These kits will give our students opportunities to learn and grow in science and they offered resources that otherwise would not be available in the classroom.  With that being said, we only have enough copies of the new books for one class, thus they must be shared between all classes.  Therefore, these books will not be allowed to go home.  If students or parents desire, text books used the years prior may be checked out for reference at home.  We will not be teaching from the older textbooks.  The new literature is up to date, offers a variety of text, and we believe will be much more beneficial to our students.



    You can contact me by my e-mail address that I check on a daily basis and I will be in contact with you as soon as possible.  I plan to be in contact with parents through progress reports, conferences, report cards, and e-mail when applicable.


    I also have a website through the middle school where you can track the daily activities in the class and what homework was assigned.



    I have read the information provided to me about the expectations in sixth grade science.





Last Modified on August 31, 2015