• Third Grade Curriculum
    Third Grade students have a very intensive curriculum this year. For the complete curriculum please go to eup.k12.mi.us . 
    They will be found under the Curriculum tab, then to third grade.
    Math Expectations
    The students will: Read and write numbers to 10,000 and what they represent.
                                    Understand odd and even numbers
                                    Understand money be  able to add and subtract
                                    Know and use common units of measurement, such as length, weight, and time
                                    Know and use graphs
                                    Know and use scales and axes, and identify maximum, minimum and the range
                                    Add and subtract fluently numbers through 9,999 with and without regrouping
                                    Measure in mixed units, length, weight, and time, feet and inches, meters and centimeters, kilograms,    
                                     and grams,pounds and ounces, liters and milliliters, hours and minutes, minutes and seconds, , years and months.
                                    Know benchmark temperatures such as freezing and boiling.
                                   Solve word problems
                                    Use multiplication and division fact families to 10x10 with remainders
                                   Find solutions to 'missing variable' expressions
                                   Mentally calculate simple products and quotients