French 8

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    Tuesday 2-Sep Materials - Need (1) binder and (1) 1 subject notebook     
        Syllabus - Signature due by Friday, September 5th, 2014    
    Wednesday 3-Sep Pre-test hours 4-6    
        3rd hour class meeting    
        Scavenger Hunt!    
    Thursday 4-Sep Pre-test hour 3 The Alphabet on Francais Materials due 
    Friday 5-Sep Scavenger Hunt Review Map of France (with country outlines) Syllabus signature due  
        Map of France Map of France (with countries labeled)  
    Monday 8-Sep Scavenger Hunt pronunciation Distributed Unit 1 classroom workbook packet  
        Unit 1 Lecon 1A    see me if absent  
    Tuesday 9-Sep Lecon 1A  Distributed Unit 1 homework packet HOMEWORK: page 1
        Workbook listening activities  
    Wednesday 10-Sep Scavenger Hunt Pronunciation   HOMEWORK: page 2
        Finish Lecon1A - writing activities    
        QUIZ tomorrow over Map of France and Lecon 1A      
    Thursday 11-Sep Go over homework    
        Quiz lecon 1A    
        Correct quiz in class    
    Friday 12-Sep Lecon 1B notes    
    Monday 15-Sep Crossword on numbers 1-60    
        Went over Lecon 1A quiz and retake policy    
        Lecon 1B dialogue    
        Wrote dialoge with partner over Lecon 1A and Lecon 1B    
    Tuesday 16-Sep Silent letters   HOMEWORK: page 3 and 4
        Partner dialogue    
        Lecon 1B writing activities in Classroom Workbook     
    Wednesday 17-Sep Partner dialogue presentations    
        Book assignment in class over nationalities    
    Thursday 18-Sep Numbers 20-60     
        Go over Lecon 1B Homework    
        Introduce Lecon 1C     
    Friday 19-Sep Salutations Handout    
        Lecon 1C    
        Listening Activities    
    Monday 22-Sep Lecon 1C    
           - listening activities    
           - writing activities in classroom workbook    
        Lecon 1C homework - had time to work on in class    
        Lecon 1 Quiz on Wednesday    
    Tuesday 23-Sep Lecon 1C Video-Scene   HOMEWORK: pg 5 and 6
        Lotto! (Bingo) #'s 20-60 Review    
        Quiz over Lecon 1 tomorrow    
    Wednesday 24-Sep Went over HW in class    
        Lecon 1 Quiz    
        Corrected quiz in class    
    Thursday 25-Sep Video-scene Lecon 2A    
        Partner dialogue    
        Notes pg 27     
    Friday 26-Sep Numbers 60-79    
        La Liaison     
    Monday 29-Sep Guest Speaker from Toulouse, France    
    Tuesday 30-Sep Lecon 2A Listening Activities   HOMEWORK: pg 7 and 8
        Lecon 2A Writing Activities    
    Wednesday 1-Oct Went over Lecon 2A homework    
        Champs Elysees information and song     
    Thursday 2-Oct  Lecon 2B - Video scene    
         Notes pg 31 and 33 from textbook    
    Friday 3-Oct  Review #'s 60-100    
    Monday 6-Oct Lecon 2B listening and writing activities   HOMEWORK: pg 9 and 10
    Tuesday 7-Oct Quiz over numbers 1-1000    
        Went over Lecon 2B homework    
    Wednesday 8-Oct Lecon 2C Introduction    
        Dialogue and Notes pg 35    
    Thursday 9-Oct  Pronoun and Article Flip Chart    
         Notes pg 37    
    Friday 10-Oct Review    
    Lecon 2C Listening and Writing Activities  
    Monday     13-Oct    Reviewed possessive pronouns    HOMEWORK: pg 11 and 12
    Family Tree Assignment - due Wednesday Quiz tomorrow over Lecon 2
    14-Oct Go over Lecon 2C Homework Family Tree due tom.
    Lecon 2 Quiz   
     Wednesday   15-Oct Go over Lecon 2 Quiz    Family Tree due
    Unit 1 Review
     Thursday     16-Oct Review    Unit 1 Exam Tomorrow
     Friday  17-Oct  Unit 1 Test    
    Monday  20-Oct    Francophone Country Research Project    Francophone Country Research Project
     Monday       27-Oct Brochures/Powerpoint                                                                                                                                  
     Tuesday    28-Oct  Finish Presentations        
     Thursday 30-Oct Unit 2 Pretest    
    Start Unit 2
     Friday   31-Oct    Student Fun Day     
    Lecon 3A Listening Activities
    Lecon 3A Writing Activities                                          
     HOMEWORK: pgs 17 and 18 in purple packet
     Tuesday  04-Nov  No School         
     Wednesday  05-Nov Went over Lecon 3A Homework                    More Food Vocabulary     
    Lecon 3B notes
     Thursday  06-Nov Lecon 3B Notes          Food Game                   
     Friday  07-Nov Lecon 3B pronunciation  Partner Dialogue                                     
    10-Nov Lecon 3B Listening Activities Lecon 3B Writing Activities   HOMEWORK: Lecon 3B pgs 19 and 20
    Tuesday 11-Nov Went over Lecon 3B HW Notes Lecon 3C    
    Wednesday 13-Nov 1/2 day - Same as 11/11    
    Thursday 14-Nov
    Lecon 3C Notes and Pronunciation                    
    Lecon 3C Listening Activities                                  Lecon 3C Writing Activities
    Friday 15-Nov Same as yesterday for 5th and 6th   HOMEWORK: Lecon 3C pgs 21 and 22
    Monday 17-Nov Went over Lecon 3C HW                                        Intro to Menu Project     
    Tuesday 18-Nov SNOW DAY    
    Wednesday 19-Nov Menu Project Research    
    Thursday 20-Nov Working on Menu Project    
    Friday 21-Nov French Food Friday