• WEEK 7  
    Conjugation of stem-changing verbs
    Intro Unidad 4 lección 1
       DYG 4.1  
    Los colores
    La ropa > draw  the 12 articles of clothing and give the Spanish (no English the pictures ARE in English) 
    Video de vocabulario            Kahoots! for clothing
    Vocab Quiz 4.1 
     HW - DYG 2,3
     WEEK 8
    Monday Starters : on T.200 exercise 6 just conjugate the correct verbs 
                    3rd hour - translate the paragraph in exercise 6 and add the correct conjugated verbs
    Text p. 200, exercise 5 > write according to model given by Profe:
                Maribel quiere el vestido rojo que cuesta cuarenta y nueve eruros.
     HW DYG 5,6
    Tuesday Starters :As if speaking to a friend write out 8 questions from the pictures shown in ex.8 on T.201
     Audio exercise #7 T.201
    Video - telehistoria 1 T.197 
    Wednesday Starters : google classroom > numbers practice
    Thursday Starters:  March 10 starters
     Direct Object Pronouns  Direct Object Pronouns
     HW DYG 8,9
    Friday starters: March 11 starters 
    WEEK 9
     Practice with clothing and colors
    Practice games h andout pages 31-39
    4.1 TEST
     WEEK 10
    Intro 4.2
    DYG pgs 14,15 
    More stem-changers
    Food vocabulary
    Intro google classroom presentation
     WEEK 11
    Work with vocb and stem-changers
    work with chrome-books presentation
     DYG 17, 18 and extra credit
    WEEK 12
    Stem-changers quiz = almorzar, ver, dormir, volver, pedir, servir, encontrar, poder, costar, querer
    Create a menu
    Write a short restaurant skit (or maybe an 'around town' skit)
     WEEK 13