Mrs. FitzGerald Classroom Rules and Procedures

    At all Times


    ·         Do not sharpen pencils, throw things away, get paper, etc. when I am talking.

    ·         When the teacher is talking do not raise your hand until they have finished explaining. If your hand is up then you are thinking about your question rather than what the teacher is saying. When they are finished and if you have any questions then you may raise your hand and wait to be called upon.

    ·         When anyone is speaking, you need to be listening.

    ·         Do not bother others when they are working.  You need to be respectful so that everyone has the opportunity to learn.

    ·         Bring a book or something else to work on if you finish with Math early.

    Entering/ Before Class


    ·         Come in quietly and go to your assigned seat

    ·         Get out your math notebook, planner, and a pencil. Write the days assignment in your planner.  The assignment will always be on the front board.

    ·         Quietly complete the daily bell ringer.

    ·         Have your assignment from the day before on your desk.

    Independent Work Time


    ·         You may sharpen pencils, throw things away, get paper, etc. when you need to during this time.

    ·         You may come to my desk and ask questions whenever you need to, you don’t have to raise your hand during independent work time.

    ·         When you are given time to work in class, you are expected to be working on your math assignment. 

    Group Work Time


    ·         Pay attention to details and you will know what is expected during these times.

    ·         Participate fully in these activities and contribute to the group.

    ·         Stay on task

    ·         Make sure your group completes the assignment as directed.

    ·         Do NOT work with other groups 

    Turning in Assignments

    ·         Assignments / homework that are not completed and turned in on their due date are considered late unless you were absent.

    ·          If you were absent, you have the number of days absent to make it up. If the work was requested before or when you were gone, it is due upon return. 

    ·         It is YOUR responsibility to look on the board for any work you may have missed.

    Ending Class


    ·         Class ends when I tell you, NOT when the bell rings.

    ·         Clean up the area around your desk 

    ·         Make sure you have all your belongings

    ·         Quietly leave the classroom



    ·         Stay calm

    ·         Follow the school procedures for all emergency situations

    ·         If there is a substitute teacher in the room, please help this person to follow the procedures.