• Suggested Student School Supplies List
    (In order of importance of most needed)
    1. Pencils (#2 real wood)
    2. Composition Books-Three Wide Ruled are needed. These are the hardcovered notebooks with the pages stitched together.
    3. Scissors
    4. Ear Buds (we use these with our tablets)
    5. Glue Stick
    6. Small Box of Crayons-pack of 24 
    7. Colored Pencils and/or Washable Markers
    8. Pencil Box or Bag (large enough to hold scissors, pencils, crayons or markers)
    Classroom Supplies Needed -
    These items will be collected and shared with the entire class as we need them through out the year.
    1. Black Expo Dry Erase Markers (Students go through four of these a year)
    2. Boxes of Kleenex 
    3. 3x3 Post It Notes  (students use these in reading and writing workshop)
    4. Glue Sticks
    5. Yellow Highlighters
    6. Boxes of #2 Wood Pencils (please no mechanical)
    7. Disinfecting Wipes
    8. Gallon Size Ziplock Bags
    9. Quart Size Ziplock Bags
    10. Sandwich Size Ziplock Bags
    11. Index Cards
Last Modified on August 17, 2017