• Course Syllabus:  Amped      Mr. Warner & Mrs. Arbic            2020-2021

    Contact Information:

    Email- lwarner@eupschools.org 


    Website Address- http://sault.eup.k12.mi.us/Domain/465

    Phone- (906) 635-3839 ext. 5922  ext. 5873

    Conference Period- 3th hour- Mr. Warner  3rd hour- Mrs. Arbic

    Room- 160/161


    Course Description:   


    This course counts as a fine arts requirement.

     Purpose Statement:

       The purpose of this course is for students to become proficient in Algebra 1 in a contextual/hands on setting.   Student will learn all state standards for Algebra 1, in addition, students will learn how Algebra is applied in manufacturing & business setting.   

    Classroom Policies and Procedures:

    • Class begins when the bell rings. You should be seated at your assigned work table so attendance can be taken and be able to listen to any assignment/shop instructions.
    • Clean up is ten minutes before the end of the hour. All students are expected to participate in cleaning up their immediate work area and performing an assigned cleanup job.
    • Students are not to gather in the stairwell waiting for the bell to ring.
    • Students are not to leave the classroom without permission.

    Attendance Policy:   

    Regular attendance and punctuality is very important; students with good attendance do better. It is the responsibility of the student to ask for missed assignments due to any type of absent. Daily objective points are the responsibility of the student to make up. Students can make up daily points with a wood working related article summary. If a student’s situation results in an extended excused absents please make prior arrangements for assignments.    

    Cell Phone and Electronics Policy:

    Cell phones are not to be out or in use at any time. Headphones ore earbuds are not to be out or in use at any time. (This policy is displayed in the classroom). Acceptable use of cell phones is strictly with the teacher permission, which includes: Use as a calculator, or research. Confiscated cell phones will be taken to the front office.


    Safety is the utmost importance and a primary focus within this course. Students will learn safety rules and procedures and will need to complete a safety test. If a student is seen to violate a safety rule a warning will be given for the first offence. A second offence may result in a review safety procedure and the student will need to retake the safety test. A Student who continues to violate safety rules may be referred to administration for removal from the course. In a hands-on setting one student’s actions may not just endanger oneself but also those in the near vicinity.

    Safety Glasses:

      Safety glasses are not an option and will be worn during hands on activities. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.  Students will be given a pair of safety glasses to use during the course. If the initial pair of safety glasses are damaged beyond safe use or lost, it is expected of the student to replace them at his or her own cost.  The school will make available replacement glasses at a cost of $3.00 per pair. If a student is not satisfied with the glasses supplied, a personal pair of certified safety glass may be used, as long as the lenses are not beyond a light tint. Students with regular glasses will be given a pair of safety glasses that go over top their regular glasses. A student may use prescription safety glasses, but these glasses must meet OSHA regulations. If a student chooses this option, documentation will need to be kept on file at the school. A doctor’s note or a copy of the manufacturer’s description will work.

    Grading Procedure:  

    40% à Daily Objectives: Students are award 10 point per day of production on the shop floor. These 10 points are assessed on the student’s ability to be safe on the shop floor, participate in hands on training activities and demonstrations, staying focused on one’s project, and participating with the cleanup of the shop. When a student is absent the daily objective points can be recovered with a one page written summary of a topic related journal article.

    30% à Assignments: Consist of using classroom sets to complete guided reading activities and question prompts. Includes completion of charts/graphs, and sketches

    30% à Quizzes and Tests: Consist of formal written assessments, and informal demonstrations of skills

    The Grading Scale is as follows:

                              100 - 93 is an A                          73 - 76 is a C

                              90 - 92 is an A-                           70 - 72 is a C-

                              87 - 89 is a B+                            67 - 69 is a D+

                              83 - 86 is a B                              63 - 66 is a D

                              80 - 82 is a B-                             60 - 62 is a D-

                              77 - 79 is a C+                             0  - 59 is an E


    The use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol will result in the loss of all daily points along with the predefined procedures in the Parent/Student Handbook, and may cause a nine-week failing grade. Fighting will also result in the loss of all daily points along with the predefined procedures in the Parent/Student Handbook, and may cause a nine-week failing grade. Throwing of any objects will result in the loss of all daily points and may result in a nine week failing grade.

    Students are expected to dress and participate in lab and all assignments given. Non participation in labs will result in loss of daily points. Non participation of assignments and assessments will result in a zero on that assignment or assessment.


    Remote Learning:

    When remote learning is necessary students are required to participate in all activities of this course. This will include checking in for attendance and doing assignments. Student’s will be using, but not limited to platforms of interactions such as: Google classroom, zoom, google meets, digital textbooks, and school E-mail account.

    COVID 19 Classroom Procedures:

    • Masks are to be worn at all times.
    • Students are to enter the room and take assigned seat.
    • Students are to only use bathrooms with request during class period (handwashing required).
    • Students will be responsible to disinfect desk surfaces and working equipment.
    • Water bottles are allowed in classroom (filled only at designated filling stations)
    • Students will be dismissed from their seats at the end of the class period