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  • Sault Area High School 


  • Mike Ellis

Course or Grade

  • Special Education

    Civics / US History / Geometry Co-Teacher

Communication Plan

  • The best way to contact me is through EMAIL    (


    You may also contact me by phone: 906-635-3839 (5844)

Delivery Plan

  • Our main platform for remote learning will be in Google Classroom. All students in my Study Skills classes will access the same class: Remote Learning Spring 2020


    Class Code: wmcci2a


    Please check this regularly for any announcements or other important information I may have for you. Any online work done in Study Skills will be handed in through this page. 


    Use this page for questions / comments / concerns you may have. You can publish those as a group or individually to me. We need to make weekly contact with students, by replying and posting to this site you will have satisfied that requiremnt 




Plan for Submitting Work and Feedback

  • Work will be submitted thorugh Google Classroom


    If you need to speak to me directly I will be in my classroom the following dates and times:


    Wednesday: 11AM - 3PM

    Thursday: 11AM - 3 PM


    (906) 635-3839 (5844)

Additional Supports and Extra Help

  • Students with IEP's and 504 accommodations will still be able to access those through distance learning. If you need extra time on assignments please let your regular class teacher know. If you have any issues, questions, or concerns regarding your IEP and how it relates to distance learning...or if you just want to talk to someone... please contact me. 


    Stay safe, stay calm, enjoy your summer's almost here ...and see you in the Fall! 

Last Modified on April 8, 2020