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    Individual Remote Learning Plan



    Timothy Strader


    906-635-3839 ext. 5920

    During this time I will be in physically in my office at the school on Tuesdays from 11:00am to 3:00pm.


    This page has information for all of my classes and grades including the 1st hour Tech-Ed class and all of my Automotive classes.


    There are a few ways you can communicate with me.

    • You can e-mail me.
    • You can communicate through the Google Classroom platform.
    • You can call my school phone number during my office hours.
    • Most of you already have my cell number from the Detroit trip.  You can text me at 906-630-3664.

    I will be checking all methods of communication regularly.

    If you need additional help that can't be taken care of with these methods, we will use whatever we need to do to make it through this including zoom, facetime, voice calls or whatever else we need to do.


    We will be using Google Classroom as a central place for information and assignments.  We will also be using Cengage MindTap for interactive content. 

    I know you don’t know anything about MindTap.  It’s easy to use and I will guide you through it.  More information about Mindtap will be released on the Google Classroom platform.

    When you sign up for the Google Classroom class, make sure to do it while logged into your SCHOOL ACCOUNT.

    1st Hour Students use the code: ovxpzl3 to join your class.

    ALL AUTOMOTIVE CLASSES use code: breirv2 to join your NEW class.  This class replaces the class you are already signed up for.

    I will be posting instructional notes, assignments, answers and links to videos that can reinforce the learning for each section.  Students will be given the opportunity to get help through two-way communication with me prior to having to submit any assignments.


    Work will be submitted through Google Classroom and through the MindTap program.  I will give feedback through Google Classroom.  You will be able to attach files, share files from Google Drive or take a picture of a completed worksheet and attach it in Google Classroom.  If there is a different way you want to get information to me, we can work it out.


    For students not having internet, I will provide notes, assignments, and answers in a packet.  Return of these assignments will be arranged between the student and teacher.

    Please contact me to discuss any other accommodations that will need to be made and we will come up with a workable plan.

    Students with an IEP or 504 plan that have accommodations will still have those met in the same way as in a traditional classroom setting.

    The online version of our text provides audio versions of the reading selections and students’ responses can be typed.