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    Hello and welcome to Mr. Brown's 4th grade class.   This web page is to give students and parents information about what we are learning in class, resources for at home, and access to what we are doing on the computers in class.  
    As a result of our extensive construction projects throughout the district we will not have the opportunity to have our open house prior to school.  There have been many concerns about supplies for class, and as a result I have posted below some of those suggested supplies.  So, it is understood all basic supplies such as
    • pencils
    • notebooks,
    • dry erase markers - we use these very frequently
    • highlighters
    • erasers
    • pens
    • lined paper - loose leaf is free and distributed as needed
    • Kleenex - free we just use a lot 
    These items are all obtainable through our classroom store.  Students will be taking part in an economy simulation throughout the entire year.  Students will earn money from a wide range of opportunities.  They can use this money as they see fit to purchase goods or services from fellow students, myself, or groups depending on how the economy system evolves. 
    With that said the class store does not get stocked on its own.  If you would like to donate any items from the above list to the class store it would be greatly appreciated.  This would give me more freedom with the budget I am given and I can provide other opportunities for our students.
    Students, if able, should have the following supplies for their own use.
    • scissors - NO BIG ONES
    • headphones 
    • 4 notebooks
    • dry erase markers
    • pencils
    • a coloring utensil - crayon, marker, or colored pencil
    If students are unable to obtain these items I have extras of all items and can get what students need if not, but these are items that are used frequently, and it is nice for students to take ownership of some of these items and take responsibility over them.
    If you have any questions prior to the beginning of school do not hesitate to send me an email or call my cell phone.