Driver Education

    Segment I:
    • Due to COVID we have to wait and abid with the restrictions which are unknow as of now.
    • Sign up in the Front office with Mrs. Hopkins. This will be announced at school.
    • Oldest gets into the class first.
    • Student must be 14 years and 8 months by the first day of class. 
    • Due to licensing through the State, students must finish both levels prior to turning 18.
    • Student must be passing 6 of 7 classes.
    • Discipline will be considered when formulating the class roster.
    • Cost is $325.00 - $225 must be paid in advance of the first day of class.
    • The remaining balance due before being issued a Level 1 Certificate. This fee covers Segment I and II.
    • 24 hours classroom instruction
    • 6 hours behind the wheel.
    • Attendance is mandatory. A student is allowed to make up one missed class with the exception of the first class, it is mandatory.
    • Pass an 80 question State Test.
    • Students must keep a log of required driving time and present it to the Segment II instructor prior to getting into that class, along with the permit from the Secretary of State.
    Segment II:
    • No fee if taken through Sault High. $60 for all others
    • First come, first serve.
    • Must bring Level 1 License to verify possession of at least 3 months and driving log.
    • 6 hours classroom instruction.
    • Pass a 20 question State Test.
    Road Test:
    • Must have Level 1 License minimum of 6 months.
    • Fee required.
    • Schedule a road test at Street Smart Driving Test  1-231-597-8556 
    Visit for details on Graduated Licensing, Tips for Parents and much more.