Mr. Moore - Health and Physical Education

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    I graduated from N.M.U. in 2008 and am excited to begin my first year teaching in the Sault School District. I'll be teaching junior high physical education (8th grade), and Health (7th & 8th grade). Despite being my first year in the Sault, I've taught all grades at one point of another, from Kindergarten to seniors, officially having 6 years of teaching under my belt. In addition to those six years of teaching i have two years of experience as an assistant principal/athletic director and, most recently, as a corrections officer for the MDOC. Prior to teaching I also spent time working as a camp director and have a lot of experience running youth sport tournaments. 


    In addition to teaching I have a fair amount of coaching experience having coached baseball, softball, track, volleyball, and basketball. Basketball is where I have the most experience having coached in some capacity for around 15 years, including 7 at the Varsity level, both boys and girls. In addiction to coaching I have a secret addiction called fantasy football in which i have been known to be involved in as many as 30 leagues in one year. While I have scaled back quite a bit, I am still actively involved in 3-4 leagues consistently.


    A few random things about me include that I have been dunked on in a basketball game by a professional football player (though in all fairness, he was still in college at the time), I've had hot chocolate with Dallas Drake (former professional NHL player), I am related to the founder of the Pillsbury company (which technically makes me a doughboy I think), I've been repelling in Brazil, climbed 14,000 foot mountains (ok, we drove most of the way up), and helped save a life among other things. 


    Again, I am excited to begin teaching at Sault Area Middle School and look forward to becoming part of the Blue Devil community. If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact me directly. 


    Phone: (906) 635-3839 ext. 5885