Sault Ste Marie Area Public Schools, A Great Place to Learn


  • Sault Area High School


  • Ms. Kari Evey

    906.635.3839 ext. 5910

Course or Grade

  • Emergency Medical Services

Communication Plan

  • The best mode of communication will be through email: or through the Google Classroom platform.  

    If that does not work to answer questions or give feedback, we can set up a time to call and talk on the phone.  

Delivery Plan

  • Google Classroom: Evey EMS 2019-2020

    In this classroom, I will be posting the Power Points, instructional notes, assignments, answers to questions and any additional instructional material as needed.  

    Students will be given the opportunity to get help through two-way communication with me prior to having to turn in any assignments. 

    Zoom meetings will also be held to deliver instruction per the State of Michigans requirements for course completion.  Dates and times for Zoom meetings will be posted in Google Classroom. 

    Scenarios will be given via Zoom and Google Classroom. 

Plan for Submitting Work and Feedback

  • Your work will be submitted via Google Classroom and I will provide you feedback on your completed work.  


Additional Supports and Extra Help

  • For students that do not have internet, I will provide notes and assignments in printed packets.  Return of those assignments will be coordinated between the student and myself.  

    Please contact me to discuss any additional accomodations that will need to be made and we will come up with a workable plan.