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Virtual Blue

Virtual Blue- 

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Sault Area Public Schools developed an additional K-12 learning option that is different from traditional face-to face schooling. This option uses a blend of computers and live teacher instruction in an on-line classroom environment. Parents selecting this option for their student would do so a semester at a time.  Students would remain students of Sault Schools and would be eligible to all of the great services that are currently available, including athletics and extracurricular activities.


Curriculum for Grades 8-12

To the extent possible, core classes and most electives are taught by Sault Schools teachers using our current curriculum, approved by the District. In addition, some students may choose to take courses from vendors on the MI Course Catalog.

Curriculum for Grades K-7

Core classes and most electives are coordinated by Sault Schools teachers using a comprehensive curriculum, approved by the District. The curriculum would include core classes and some elective type classes. Parents would be involved in the support of the student in terms of their schedule and ensuring the conditions exist for learning. 

Minimum Duration 

Parents will be required to commit by August 15, 2020 for fall semester and December 15, 2020 for spring semester.

Food Service

Students participating in Virtual Blue can also take part in the food service program. 

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