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Student Supply Lists

Student Supply Lists

Please do NOT Label these items:

2 Boxes of Kleenex

1 Container of Clorox/Cleaning Wipes

1 Box of Gallon Freezer Bags


1 Box of Pencils

4 Dry Erase Markers

2 Packs of Glue Sticks

2 Large Pink Erasers


Please Label these Items:

Headphones (the school will provide ear buds for each child, but they often do not fit the younger student's ears)

Shoes (If your child is unable to tie shoes, please send in velcro or slip on shoes)

Extra Clothes and Masks (Please send in a labeled ziploc bag with a full change of clothes)


Students do NOT need pencil boxes.


Recommended supplies to have at home:

Crayons, Scissors, Pencils, and Glue