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4 B's

Behavior Expectations




Be Safe
  • Follow classroom expectations and safety procedures
  • Encourage others to be safe and follow rules
  • Walk on the right
  • Report misconduct
  • Keep hallways passable
Be Respectful
  • Use appropriate language and voice level
  • Honor personal space
  • Be positive in communications and actions with peers and teachers
  • Appropriate dress
  • Honor personal space
  • Practice PDA etiquette
  • Use appropriate language and voice levels
Be Responsible
  • Be in the proper place
  • Complete and turn in all assignments on time
  • Model and encourage others to be their best
  • Put forth your best effort
  • Help others
  • Walk with purpose
  • Pick up after yourself
Be Ready to Learn
  • Be engaged, collaborate, connect and be ready to participate
  • Bring materials to class
  • Be on time
  • Listen, ask questions, follow directions
  • Be on time
  • Be where you belong
  • Personal business between classes