What were the questions and responses from the Board Meeting on January 15?

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Reconfiguration questions and answers from January 15, 2017 meeting of the School Board



Q:         Have you considered the needs of Special Education students?

A:         The Director of Special Education has been involved in discussions regarding the possible reconfiguration. Supports for students written in IEPs and 504 Plans will not change if the district building configurations change.


Q:         How will the district help transition the kids?

A:         Preparing for any transition is a joint effort involving district staff and parents. If the Board votes to reconfigure, students, parents, and the district will have from February to the beginning of the school year to prepare for any transition. The district will hold open houses so students and their parents can become familiar with a new building.


Q:         What are projected class sizes if the reconfiguration plan is adopted?

A:         Initial projections range from approximately 22 to 27 students in each classroom. It is important to note, however, that these numbers could change due to decreases or increases in enrollment.


Q:         Is there a plan for playground equipment and how will any new equipment be paid for?

A:         If the Board votes to reconfigure, there will be an activity area on the north end of the Middle School. A fence will be installed between the area and Marquette Ave. There is grant money to pay for this.


Q:         Is there a plan for the Malcolm building and is there consideration to move central administration?

A:         If a reconfiguration plan is adopted, the district will look to sell the Malcolm building. The discussion to vacate the administration building and rent it out is ongoing, although there is not a plan in place yet.


Q:         Is there a plan for the reassignment of administrators?

A:         Yes. Administrative assignments will be made soon after a decision is made on reconfiguration.