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Information on allowable courses:

Sault Area Public Schools enrolls pupils who attend a nonpublic school or a pupil who is homeschooled for nonessential elective courses such as computers (STEM), band, art, physical education, career and technical education, and advanced placement level courses. In addition, nonpublicpupils or home-schooled pupils with an IEP may receive special education programs from our district.

State Law: According to Section 166b(3) of the State School Aid Act, MCL 388.1766b(3), a nonessential course in grades 1 to 8 is a course other than a mathematics, science, social studies, and English language arts course required by the district for grade progression. Nonessential courses in grades 9 to 12 are those other than algebra 1, algebra 2, English 9-12, geometry, biology, chemistry, physics, economics, geography, American history, world history, the Constitution, government, and civics, or courses that fulfill the same credit requirement as these courses. Nonessential elective courses include courses offered by the local district for high school credit that are also capable of generating postsecondary credit, including, at least, advanced placement. College level courses taken by high school students for college credit are nonessential courses. Remedial courses for any grade in the above-listed essential courses are considered essential. Kindergarten is considered nonessential.
Nonessential courses offered under this section must also be offered and available to full-time pupils ofthe same age and grade level.

Washington and Lincoln Elementary Schools:

STEM, PE (2 times per week), Music, Art

Sault Middle School:

STEM, PE, Music, Art, Band, Video Productions, Life Skills

Sault Area High School and Career Center:

CTE Courses

Visual Performing and Applied Arts: Band, Choir, Art, Drama

College Level Learning: Dual Enrollment, Advanced Placement