Sault Ste Marie Area Public Schools

Delivery Plan

  • In the case of remote learning, I will post assignments for students on their regular art day and time. I will host live meetings via google meet at their normally scheduled times.  All Google meets will be recorded so that they can be accessed later if needed.  

    The schedule will run as follows

      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    8:00-8:55 H.S. Ceramics H.S. Ceramics H.S. Ceramics H.S. Ceramics H.S. Ceramics
    9:20-10:05         H-1
    10:10-10:55 C-1 M-1 L-1 J-1 P-1
    11:00-11:45 J-K S-K C-K A-K F-K
    12:30-1:15 S-4 D-4 W-2 S-2 H-3
    1:20-2:05 G-3 L-3 G-4 P-4 B-4
    2:10-2:55 C-2 T-2 L-2 J-3 S-3

    Google Classroom Codes by Grade Level:

    K- bxhuth4

    1- zpqhetn

    2- mt46bps

    3- uhvvd61

    4- wjqobjh

    H.S. Ceramics- dg27w7n




  • Washington: Kinder & Grade 1 Art

    Lincoln: Grades 2,3, & 4

    High School: Ceramics & Sculpture


  • Hello, I'm Ms. Murphy.  I have been teaching art and design for 17 years.  I love to paint and draw.  I believe art should the place to have fun and be creative. 

Course or Grade

  • I teach art to students in grades K-4 this year along with high school Ceramics, and I am so excited!  We will be learning about art, artists, materials, and creative thinking skills.  We will Draw, Paint, Collage, Sculpt, and Design.

Communication Plan

  • The best ways to communicate with me is via email-  

    I will post announcents, assignments, videos, art and resources on Google Classroom.  

Plan for Submitting Work and Feedback

  • Feedback will either be given personally if students attend live google meet sessions, or will be send via a google classroom message if they are unable to attend the live.  

Additional Supports and Extra Help

  • Additional resource links will be available on the google classroom pages.  I will also host general open google meets for students that need extra support and have more questions.