Sault Ste Marie Area Public Schools, A Great Place to Learn


  • Sault Area High School


Course or Grade

  • Study Skills

    CoTaught Algebra

    Transition Skills

Communication Plan

  • The best mode of communication will be emailing or communicating via the google classroom platform.


    If that does not work to answer questions or give feedback, we can set up a time to call and talk on the phone.

Delivery Plan

  • Google Classroom: Markstrom Transition Skills- Class Code: r7nailo

    Google Classroom: Markstrom Resource Room- Class Code: yyulgaz
    Google Classroom: Markstrom CoTaught Algebra 1- Class Code: wzz4bej


    In this classroom, I will be posting instructional notes, assignments, answers and links to videos that can reinforce the learning for each section. 


    Students will be given the opportunity to get help through two-way communication with me prior to having to submit any assignments.

Plan For Submitting Work and Feedback

  • Work will be submitted and feedback given through Google Classroom and/or email. Students can ask questions and get responses daily, not just during office hours.

Additional Supports and Extra Help

  • For students not having internet, I will provide notes, assignments, and answers in a packet. Return of these assignments will be arranged between the student and teacher.


    Students with an IEP or 504 plan that have accommodations will still have those met in the same way as in a traditional classroom setting.


    Any student seeking general help or support can do so by communicating with me by following the plan listed above. If additional time is needed for any student on any assignment, please email me.