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    Welcome to 2nd Grade, Room 206 (upstairs)!  My name is Miss Savoie and I have currently been teaching at Sault Schools for 20 years.  I have taught lower elementary at McKinley, Bruce Township, Soo Township, Washington, and currently at Lincoln Elementary School.  I am looking forward to another busy, active, and enjoyable school year with your child. 
    Listed below are a few suggestions for the first week of school:
    *** Send ONE healthy snack daily with your child (including the first week of school, examples include and are not limited to:  yogurt, apple slices, granola bar, cereal, etc.).  PLEASE no sweet treats!   If your child forgets to bring a snack they may have a drink of water and take a short break with the rest of the students.
           * Your child may bring a labeled water bottle to school 
    *** Send in a pair of LABELED tennis shoes for gym day (these may be kept at the school throughout the school year). It would be a good idea to LABEL your child's outdoor clothing and backpack as well.
     ***Alert the school office, and myself as your child's teacher of any medical and parental custody information.
    *** Let your child's teacher KNOW what BUS NUMBER he/she will be riding (please do this the first day of school) or if they will be picked up.
    ***  Be watchful of important paperwork that may be need to be signed and returned the first week of school. 
    ***  A list of suggested classroom supplies is listed as follows:
        * a LARGE backpack (folders do not fit well in a small one)
        * one box of Kleenex
        * one container of hand sanitizer (large bottle)
        * one pack of pre sharpened #2 pencils (please NO mechanical pencils)
        * whiteboard markers
        * Small pencil box with (that will fit inside): a pack of crayons, pair of scissors, glue stick, small pencil sharpener
        * chlorox wipes
        * quart size ziploc bags
        * colored pencils
        * washable markers
        * 2 wide lined spiral bound notebooks, one RED, one BLUE
        * erasers
        * post it notes (3x3 for student use)
    *** If you are sending your child's lunch to school, please be sure it is labeled with his/her name.
    *** Please do not allow your child to bring their own toys to school. They tend to get lost or damaged.
    *** There will be times during the school year that your child will be asked to bring money to school. Please send any money in an envelope with your child's name, teacher's name, and the amount of money.  Correct change is always appreciated.
    The school day begins at 9:00 AM and ends (dismisses) at 4:00 PM.
    Thank you... 
    Feel free to email me if you have any questions/concerns:
    ssavoie@eupschools.org or at Lincoln Elementary School  906-635-6626.