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  • Lincoln 


  • Ms. Taylor


    Phone: 906-635-6626 ex 5327

Course or Grade

  • 2nd Grade

  • Work for 10/15


    • Math today we are playing the Money Exchange Game wants to go on Connect Ed (in our Google Classroom) there is a digital version your child can play. 
    • Science- Mystery Doug is linked on Google Classroom (video for students to watch) 
    • Other than that this can be a catch up day for students 
    • On Fridays if students have all of their work complete they may go on free choice on Chromebooks (only the websites that are on my Google Classroom) 


    Work for 10/14 


    Attached our pictures of the three math worksheets students should have stapled together in a math packet. 
    Their spelling page for tomorrow is Silly Sentences and on the backside is a spiral. Really encourage silly sentences, have fun with it! 
    Read for 20 minutes either real books or our reading websites located on Google Classroom
    Scholastic News on Bats- it will read to students, answer the questions on the last page. Students may explore the games and videos on the link as well- classroom password: htaylor39 
    (Under the Social Studies topic on Google Classroom there will be a link as well) 

Communication Plan

  • The best mode of communication is via email. I will be available to respond during normal school hours.  If email doesn’t work for you,  we can schedule a  phone conferences at an agreed upon time. I have also created a Facebook Group for our class that will have additional information and support for classwork. To join you may click on the link and request to join the group Ms. Taylor's 2nd Grade Class. Or you may search the group name "Ms. Taylor's 2nd Grade Class" and add that way. 

  • Join the Google Meet (located on Google Classroom) each morning at 9:15 for attendance and instructions for the morning. 

    Join the Google Meet again at 1:10 for attendance and instructions for the afternoon. 


    I will be available for additional assistance throughout the day and can schedule extra meetings as needed during my prep time.

Delivery Plan

  • Joining Google Meets are required to count for attendance. If you are unable to join please inform the office or myself.  During Google Meets students will receive instructional time in math and literacy with additional resources part of our 2nd Grade curriculum during individual work time. 

Plan for Submitting Work and Feedback

  • During our video class I am able to orally check for understanding. Other assignments may be on Google Classroom, My View, or Splash Math where I will take a concrete grade from. 

Additional Supports and Extra Help

  • Extra support will be discussed during our weekly communication. I will assist in any way that I can and support staff members will be making contact as appropriate.