Ms. Deidre Baker

  • Introduction 

    Suggestions for the first week of school 

    • Send ONE healthy snack daily with your child (including the first week of school, examples include and are not limited to:  yogurt, apple slices, granola bar, cereal, etc.).
    • Have an extra set of clothing (underwear, shirt, pants, socks) kept in the bottom of your child's backpack in the event of an accident.
    • Send in a pair of LABELED tennis shoes for gym day (these may be kept at the school throughout the school year). It would be a good idea to LABEL your child's outdoor clothing and backpack as well.
    • Please continue to teach your child how to tie their shoes and zip up their jackets independently.
    • Alert the school office, and myself as your child's teacher of any medical and parental custody information.
    • Let your child's teacher KNOW what BUS NUMBER he/she will be riding (please do this the first day of school) or if they will be picked up.
    • Be watchful of important paperwork that may be need to be signed and returned the first week of school. 

    Suggested Classroom Supplies

    • a box of Kleenex
    • a box of baby wipes
    • one container of hand sanitizer
    • one dry eraser
    • dry erase board markers