• Welcome to Ms. Siegwart's Third Grade Classroom


    I received my Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix. I began working for Soo Schools in 2015 when I was hired as a Math and Reading interventionist working with 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade students at Washington. I was offered and accepted a Third grade teaching position here at Lincoln in 2018. I really enjoy working in third grade. In my classroom I expect everyone to do their best and to always be kind to one another. We should also treat each other with respect. 

    I am looking forward to meeting everyone and to having an amazing year of learning. 

    Please contact me between the hours of 9 AM and 4 PM Mon. through Fri.   ksiegwart@eupschools.org     635-6626 you may have to leave a message as we will be busy learning, I will get back with you as soon as I am able.


    Welcome to Ms. Siegwart’s 3rd Grade

    Lincoln Elementary School Room 134

    School year:  21/22

    Dear Parents and Students,


    Welcome to third grade, I’m glad you are a part of our class!

    I believe in having fun while we learn and each student has a voice. 

    Drop off in the morning is anytime after 7:30.

    Breakfast is served at 8:10 enter through the blue doors.

    When the 9:00  bell rings for school to start my class will line up at the red doors. Backpacks may be left near these doors and then picked up when it's time to come into the building. 

     The only homework we will have will be a math homelink page and this will only be taken home at the end of each lesson. There won’t be any homelink sent home on ½ days or Fridays. 

     Each student should have their own water bottle which will go home each night to be washed. 

    I will supply everything your child needs for classroom use. 

    However, I will not be able to supply water bottles for everyone. 

    Any supplies brought in will be for our classroom, otherwise the student will be asked to take them home. 

    I ask that fidgets NOT be brought into the classroom; including spinners, clickers, and popits. These easily turn into distractions to our learning. If the student has a 504 or an IEP which states they

    may use a fidget then it of course will be allowed. 

    I will supply calming strips that may be placed on the student's desk if we feel this will help the student.

    Another item that I ask you not to send in with your child is a Trapper Keeper or big binder as well as a big pencil keeper, as there isn’t room in the desks for them. 

    We will have a snack once per day. Please send in a healthy snack for your child to enjoy during this time. 

    If you are able our classroom will need the following donated:


    • Kleenex
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Sanitizing wipes
    • Sandwich bags


    If you need to contact me my email is ksiegwart@eupschools.org. The phone number here at Lincoln is 635-6626 between the hours of 9 A.M. and 4 P.M  Mon. through Fri. You may have to leave a message as we will be busy learning.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.  I am looking forward to an awesome year of learning. 



    Ms. Siegwart

    Our Special's schedule:  Mon.:   Music    2:10 - 3:00

                                       Tues.:   Art       3:10 - 3:55

                                       Wed.:   Gym     1:50 - 2:30

                                       Thurs.: STEM   1:35 - 2:20

                                       Fri.:      Gym    1:50 - 2:30