What is MAP?

  • Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) is a state-aligned, computerized, adaptive assessment program that provides Sault Area Public School educators with the information they need to improve teaching and learning and make student-focused, data-driven decisions. Students in kindergarten through eleventh grade are tested three (3) times per year in math and reading plus language usage and science in the upper grades. Educators use the growth and achievement data from MAP® to develop target instructional strategies to plan school improvement. 

Things to Know about MAP

  • Each district's implementation of MAP® assessments is uniquely based upon decisions made by the district, such as which tests to administer, when students will be tested, etc.  


    • Is NOT an accountability test
    • Generates test questions based upon student responses
    • Reports student results in RIT scores
    • Gives immediate results
    • Aligns to Michigan curriculum standards
    • Measures growth over time
    • Provides information used to target individual instruction
    • Usually takes students about one hour to complete each MAP®
    As a parent, you play a critical role in promoting your child’s academic growth and overall well-being. Thank you for allowing Sault Area Public Schools to help and support you in this effort by fulfilling our mission of partnering to help all students learn!

Contacts for MAP

  • Parents may direct specific questions and concerns to their student's classroom teacher (elementary), or Math / English / Science teacher(s) (middle and high school), or their building principal.
    Lincoln Elementary
    Diane Chevillot, Principal
    Washington Elementary
    Dr. Sheri McFarlane, Principal
    Sault Area Middle School
    Jessica Rondeau-McCarthy, Principal
    Sault Area High School
    Carl McCready, Principal
    Malcolm High School
    Sandra Sawyer, Principal

Testing Method and Times

  • When are Tests Given?

    Grades K-11 are tested three (3) times per year:
    Fall Winter Spring
    September 7-29 December 18 - January 26 May 1 - June 8

    How are Tests Given?

    Each student takes their test on a school computer, under adult supervision. Test material adjusts to each student's skill level so that each student takes an individualized test.

    Which Tests are Given?

    Grade Reading Math Science Language