Continuity of Learning During COVID-19

  • As a result of COVID-19 and the closing of school buildings for the 2019-2020 School Year, Sault Area Public Schools submited a Continuity of Learning and COVID-19 Response Plan (“Plan”) in order to continue to receive state aid for operations. Sault Area Public Schools developed a plan to ensure that students and families continue to feel the support of their school teachers, administrators, and intervention providers during this most challenging time. Our plan focuses on the curriculum that the teachers utilized prior to COVID-19. Each teacher created and published an Individual Remote Learning Plan. The plans are found on each teacher website and includes information on communication, delivery, assignment collection, and the process for receiving added support. Plan Approval

    While so much has changed in the realities of daily life for every student, staff member, parent and family as we live through this current COVID-19 crisis, one constant remains for all of us: we remain deeply committed to each and every child to ensure continued health, learning, and growth. 

    Sault Area Public School is commited to these principles

    1. Keep students at the center.
    2. Intentional outreach to continue building relationships and maintain connections.
    3. Help students feel safe and valued. 
    4. Design learning for equity and access.
    5. Plan and deliver content in multiple ways so all students can access learning.
    6. Assess student learning
    7. Manage and monitor student learning and plan what’s next for learning including the potential need for summer and supplemental learning.