Immunization Requirments

  • The Michigan Department of Public Health has immunizations guideline for all students entering the school system for the first time. It is a requirement since January 2010 for all new enrolling students who attend any Michigan school to have:

    Minimum Requirements

    • 4 doses of DTP (diphtheria, pertussis, and tetnus) with the last dose on or after the fourth birthday and if a dose was not received within the last 10 years, a booster dose at school entry.
    • 3 doses of OPV (oral polio vaccine) with the last dose on or after the fourth birthday.
    • 2 doses of MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) with 1 dose on or after the fourth birthday.
    • 3 doses of HBV (hepatitis B). If less than three, you must show progress of receiving doses.
    • 2 doses Varicella or a history of varicella (chickenpox) disease.

    You will need to present an immunization record at the time of school enrollment.

    All kindergartners will need to be fully immunized before entering school. Immunization records will be reviewed and only those students who are up-to-date will be allowed to attend. Parents will be responsible to bring or send updated shot records to the school before the opening day of school. All transfer students will need a shot record on file before they start school with one month to update their records. This is required by State Law to remain in school.

Hearing and Vision Testing

  • A certificate of hearing and vision testing or screening must be presented to the school for all children being registered for the first time in kindergarten or first grade.  A statement from the Michigan Department of Community Health Vision Screening or a statement signed by a licensed eye care practitioner or physician indicating that a child’s eyes have been examined before initial school entry may be presented.
    Your child/student will receive this screening at kindergarten round up, if needed, and the immunization record will be reviewed with you (please bring updated record).


  • Review the above guidelines and if your child needs immunizations, or vision and hearing screening , please schedule an appointment as soon as possible.   If you are unsure, call and check with your doctor or health department.  
    The school nurse, Mary Michaels RN, BSN, is available for questions during the school year.
    • Phone: 906-635-3839, ext. 5827
    • Cell: 906-440-2630
    • Email: