• This is my collection of awesome websites!  Some are instructional, informational, or have great educational games.  
    Florida Center for Reading Research    
           This site has a lot of fun literacy activities.   
             This site allows you to make online flash cards that your parents and students can access at home.                                      
              Fun games, tips, and ideas. 
             There are many fun lesson plans and printables! 

             This link has vocabulary games that can be modified for preschool.  
             This site has many file folder games that are age appropriate! 
             There are many fun printable games.
             This site explains the rational behind writing social stories. 
             This site is an AWESOME resource!  You can create an account and participate in some or all of the modules.  I highly recommend spending some time on this site.  There is so much great information! 
Last Modified on July 1, 2014