• Kindergarten Readiness Skills
     ** This page is designed to be a guide. This is a quick general list; it is not the kindergarten roundup assessment.**
    Getting ready for kindergarten is a big job! 
    All children develop and learn in different ways and at different speeds.
    No two children are the same therefore their development may look different!
    Kindergarten readiness skills involve more than math and literacy skills; there is
    the social, emotional, and physical aspect of development as well.   

    Social Development                
    Generally pleasant and cooperative
    Follows rules and routines
    Navigates transitions easily
    Takes turns and shares
    Plays well with others
    Language and Literacy  
     Follows two-step directions 
    Sequences three pictures 
    Attempts to form letters and
    shapes to write words 
    Identifies (names) all uppercase
    and lowercase letters
    Mathematical Skills
    Counts to 20 using one to one correspondence
          Recognizes patterns
          Name numbers 0-10 
          Demonstrate directional/positional concepts
                top/bottom, go/stop
          Understands comparative words first/last, big/little
    Physical Development 
    ball and children  
    Balances on one foot for 5 seconds
    Hops on one foot
    Throws a ball with direction                             
    Holds scissors correctly                                
    Grasps pencil correctly                                    
    Completes a seven piece interlocking puzzle
    Copies first name 
     This list that I have compiled is a basic list. It is designed to give you an idea of kindergarten readiness skills in a quick glance. If you would like more detail about kindergarten requirements there are several websites that I would recommend.
    The EUPISD has a great informational site. Please visit this site for a detailed comprehensive look of what a student ready for kindergarten looks like.


    Schoalstic has a great article that discusses seven things every child going to kindergarten should know.


    World Book, Inc. compiled a list of 80 things that kids should know before they begin kindergarten.  This could be useful to print it out and as you see your child master a skill you can cross it off and introduce another one.
Last Modified on July 1, 2014