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Lori Slater - School

  • Working From: Washington School

    Teaching students K-8 Virtually


Lori Slater - Teacher

  • Mrs. Slater

    Contact Information:


Lori Slater - Course or Grade

Lori Slater - Communication Plan

  • I will be working with students K-8.  I look forward to keeping close contact with my students this semester. I will also invite your student to a Google Classroom page, this will be another way to communicate and find resources. It will be important to have a regular routine for your child. We will have meeting times I will be checking my email throughout the day 9-4 weekdays.

Lori Slater - Delivery Plan

Lori Slater - Plan for Submitting Work and Feedback

  • Work will be turned in through Lincoln Learning. 

Lori Slater - Additional Supports and Extra Help

  • Extra supports will be discussed during our three times per week communication.  I will assist in any way that I can and support staff members will be making contact as appropriate.