Sault Ste Marie Area Public Schools, A Great Place to Learn


  • Sault Area Middle School 


  • Heidie Lehmkuhle 

Course or Grade

  • Math Lab Grades 6-8 

    Math 8 

Communication Plan

  • You can contact me in any of the following ways. 

    1. Call 906-635-3839, ext 5702 (official office hours are Monday: 8:00 to 11:00 am) 

    2. Email me at 

    3. Google Classroom 

    Math Lab: 2z45dwb

    Math 8: i6j7vcc

Delivery Plan

  • Math Lab 

    Students will be supported in completing their grade-level math assignments and differentiated Khan Academy Practice. Math lab assignments will include (but are not limited to) the following:

    • Goal Setting
    • Time Management 
    • Identifying and Analyzing Resources 
    • Khan Academy Mappers Practice 

    Students may reach out to me for help with their grade level math class. I will support them in earning credit for both Math Lab and their grade level math class. 

    All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom 

    Math 8 

    Students will be supported in learning important 8th-grade math standards that aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Math 8 Assignments will include (but are not limited to) the following: 

    • Video Lessons
    • Example Problems 
    • Pearson Online Math XL assignments
    • Quizzes and Tests 

    All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. Students will also be using to access the curriculum and assignments.  

Plan for Submitting Work and Feedback

  • Assignments will be submitted in one of the following ways depending on the type of assignment: 

    • Email Submissions 
    • Google Classroom Submissions
    • Khan Academy Activity Log 
    • Pearson Realize Submissions

    The submission type will be listed with each assignment. 

    If a student wants feedback on the original packet sent home in March they can email me pictures of their completed work. The district has determined that the first packet is enrichment and will not be graded. Completion of these assignments will, however, help students in the week to come. I will provide them feedback on any submitted assignment. 

Additional Supports and Extra Help

  • Students without internet accessibility will be provided with notes, assignments, and resources in a packet. Return of these assignments will be arranged between the student and teacher.


    Please contact me to discuss any other accommodations that will needed and we will come up with a workable plan.