Sault Ste Marie Area Public Schools, A Great Place to Learn


  • SAMS and HS


  • Christina Sizemore

Course or Grade

  • Middle School Art and HS Pottery

Communication Plan

  • It is best to email me at,  You may request an invitation to our Google Classroom so that you can stay informed. I am also going to use Google Meet should you wish to talk in person. 

Delivery Plan

  • I am using Google Classrom and Google Meet should students need one on one.  I will also have packets available for studetns that do not have access to stable technology.  Work can be uploaded through Google Classroom.  I will also accept email submissions.  Paper documents should be kept until we have the all clear to collect assignments in person.  



Plan for Submitting Work and Feedback

  • Google Classroom upload, email, pictures of the finished work or a compilation of completed work at the end of term.  

Additional Supports and Extra Help

  • Google Classroom has a stream where students can add comments.  Google Meet is available for classroom discussion or for one on one,