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  • SAMS 

Course or Grade

  • Middle School Art

    This is the first year that we will be having art class daily for one quarter.  I am very excited to see what kind of artwork we can create!  Meeting daily should ensure that our projects are completed and of better quality.  Your child will have at least one project for the end of the school year art show.  Your child may also have projects in other shows throughout the year.  In the event that we have to go to remote learning, or if your child will be gone for an extended time, please refer to your child's Google Classroom link located on their Google Classroom splash page.  


Delivery Plan

  • I am using Google Classrom and Google Meet should students need one on one when not in person at school. I will also have packets available for students that do not have access to stable technology.  Work can be uploaded through Google Classroom.  I will also accept email submissions.  Paper documents should be kept until we have the all clear to collect assignments in person. When in person, I will still keep the Google Classroom up and running, so if you should miss school, you can still keep in the loop! 




  • Christina Sizemore

Additional Supports and Extra Help

  • Google Classroom has a stream where students can add comments.  Google Meet is available for classroom discussion or for one on one.  If your child says that they cannot get into the classroom, here are the following codes:

    5th grade Google Classroom Code: Class invite link

    6th grade Google Classroom Code: Class Invite Code

    7th grade Google Classroom Code: Class Invite Code

    8th grade Google Classroom Code: Class Invite Code

    6th grade WIN Google Classroom Code: Class Invite Code

    8th grade WIN Google Classroom Code: Class Invite Code

Communication Plan

  • It is best to email me at,  You may request an invitation to our Google Classroom so that you can stay informed. I am also going to use Google Meet should you wish to talk in person.