Code of Conduct

  • Athletics at the Sault Area Middle School offer all students opportunities for fun, competition, and personal development. Athletics function as an integral part of the total curriculum. They offer opportunities to serve the institution, assist in the development of fellowship, goodwill, self-realization and they encourage learning the qualities of good sportsmanship.
    The interscholastic program will be conducted in accordance with existing Board of Education policies, rules and regulations. While the Board of Education takes great pride in supporting winning programs, it does not condone “winning at all costs.” The athletic program will be conducted in such a way so as to justify it as an educational activity.
    The major objective of the program is to provide wholesome opportunities for student-athletes to develop favorable habits and positive attitudes with regard to the ideals of educational athletics. These opportunities will contribute to the physical, mental, social and emotional development of the students.

    Participation in school-sponsored athletic programs is a PRIVILEGE that carries with it responsibilities to the school, the student body, to the community and the participants themselves.  At no time will the athletic program supersede the total educational curriculum in emphasis. 


    Available Sports Activities

     Interscholastic  Intramural
     Girls Basketball 7/8  
     Boys Basketball 7/8  
     Volleyball 7/8 Girls  Volleyball 6
     Cross Country 6/7/8
     Track 7/8

    Students must maintain passing grades in all classes to participate in athletics.  Eligibility for current classes will be determined on a weekly basis through the use of a weekly cumulative eligibility report. If ineligible three weeks in a row, the student will be dropped from the team. Students who fail two or more subjects during a semester will not be allowed to participate.


    Attendance at Practices/Games

    Student-athletes are expected to be in attendance at all practices, scrimmages, team meetings, and contests (unless suspended). Student-athletes must be in attendance in school for the full day in order to compete that day.  With verification, the Principal (or Assistant Principal) may make an exception in the case of a family emergency, funeral, medical appointment, etc. Appropriate discipline including loss of playing time and dismissal from the team will be used without prejudice or favoritism by the coach and/or building administrator if the student is habitually late or absent.  Student-athletes should provide advance notice to coaches if they will be absent for medical reasons, family situations, vacations, driver's education classes, and other such valid reasons.


    Classroom Behavior

    Student-athletes are students first and are expected to conduct themselves properly in the classroom.  Student-athletes who are discipline problems in class by being tardy, insubordinate, disruptive, etc. face disciplinary action by the coach or building principal to include loss of playing time, dismissal or suspension from the team and/or suspension from school.

    Students who are referred to the Structured Learning Center (SLC) may be suspended from the team. Multiple referrals to the SLC will result in longer suspensions or dismissal from the team.

    Suspension from school - Any referral that results in an out of school suspension may result in dismissal from the team.


    Drug/Alcohol Policy

    Athletics and the use of these harmful substances are not compatible. Sault Area Schools and its coaches are concerned about the health and safety of our students.  Athletes have an obligation to themselves, their team, and their school.  As a member of an athletic team, they represent their families, community and Sault Area Schools. Because we care, the use of tobacco, alcohol and/or drugs will not be tolerated.

    It is recognized by medical professionals, health educators, and coaches that athletes perform best when they follow solid training rules that include restrictions on tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.  Medical evidence is clear: tobacco, alcohol, and mood-altering substances produce harmful effects on human beings.  Michigan law specifically prohibits use or possession of these materials by students. 

    Students must refrain from the use of tobacco, alcohol, steroids and controlled substances, look-alikes, or mood-altering substances.  Therefore, after signing the no-use contract and joining a Sault Area Schools athletic team, a student-athlete shall not, regardless of the quantity:

    1. Use or possess tobacco or tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco.
    2. Use or possess alcohol or a beverage containing alcohol.
    3. Use, or possess any controlled substance or look-alike, including marijuana and steroids.  Note: (A drug specifically prescribed for the student-athlete by a physician for his/her own personal use is not a violation.)
    4. Inappropriately use an over-the-counter or prescription drug.

    Sault Area Schools do not condone nor recommend the use of training supplements by student-athletes. Our recommendation is a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition, proper sleep patterns and a commitment to physical conditioning.

    First Violation

     Athlete suspended for 25% of the regularly scheduled season. If applicable, post-season play will be included in any suspension.  If a suspension occurs at the end of one sports season, it will carry over to the athlete’s next season.  If the length of the succeeding sports season is different (e.g. a suspension late in the basketball season that carries over to wrestling or volleyball), the number of games for which the athlete will be suspended will be prorated accordingly. In order to remain with the team after the suspension, the student-athlete must attend practices and can be present at home games with the team in street clothes.  Referral for assessment and assistance.


    Meeting required between parents, athlete, and Principal (or Assistant Principal) prior to athlete returning for practice, scrimmage or game.

    Second Violation

    Suspension from games and practices for the remainder of the current semester and the following semester.

    In the case of alcohol or chemical use, the parent and student-athlete must show evidence that the student has under-gone professional assessment for chemical dependence in order for the student-athlete to participate in interscholastic athletics in future sports seasons. Any program costs are the responsibility of the family.


    Meeting required between parents, athlete and Principal (or Assistant Principal).  Evidence of the required assessment and subsequent treatment must be presented prior to or at the meeting.

    Third Violation

    Suspension from participation in interscholastic athletics for the remainder of Middle School.



    All equipment, uniforms, etc. given to student-athletes must be returned at the conclusion of the season in good condition.  Student-athletes will be financially responsible for items returned in poor condition or not returned at all.  Athletes will not be allowed to participate in any other sport until obligations from previous sports are resolved.



    The Sault Area Schools Athletic Department supports the constitutionally protected right that individuals are innocent until proven guilty.  However, in cases involving student-athletes, these situations detract from the image of the team and the program, and contribute to a loss of focus by other members of the team.  Therefore, an individual involved in an infraction that is not covered under other policies in this handbook may be suspended from participation until the situation is resolved.



    A student-athlete may not tryout, practice or compete until a physician certifies that he/she is physically able to compete. The exam must have been given after April 15th of the previous school year. An MHSAA physical form is required.



    Student-athletes represent their school, their community, and their family, and good sportsmanship is expected at all times.  Poor behavior before, during, or after practices and competitions will not be tolerated. The coaching staff and Principal (or Assistant Principal) will employ appropriate disciplinary measures including loss of playing time, suspension and/or dismissal from the team when violations occur.  Level and length of disciplinary measures will be determined by the severity of the infraction.



    Student-athletes must ride the bus with the team to and from all scrimmages, practices, and competitions.  Exceptions to this policy may be made for sufficient reason if prior arrangement is made in writing through the office of the Principal (or Assistant Principal).  Coaches may waive the policy only for valid emergency reasons that arise at a time when the Principal (or Assistant Principal) is not available, and will only release an athlete to his/her parent/guardian.

Last Modified on June 9, 2021