• Teacher

    Ramona Melendez

    email:  rmelendez@eupschools.org

    phone:  906-635-6604 ext. 5736



    The best way to reach me is by e-mail at rmelendez@eupschools. I will be available by phone from 9:00- 9:50 daily.   I am available for phone calls after school with an appointment.


    I will be using Google Classroom for all materials needed for class/assignments.  I have included links listed below for your child's Google Classroom.



    Students are expected to bring their notebook, planner, and a pencil to class with them each day.  In addition, students are expected to come prepared to participate in the daily activities.  Some days, students may be completing labs, taking notes, or having classwide discussions.

    This class will follow the school cellphone policy.  All cellphones are to be powered off and placed in lockers during the school day.  If I see a cellphone, per school policy, I will confiscate it and turn it in to the office.  


    I will follow the school grading scale.

              90 - 100   A

              80 - 89     B

              70 - 79     C

              60 - 69     D

               0 - 59      E 



    1st hour science grade 6

    3rd hour science grade 6

    4th hour science grade 6

    5th hour science grade 6

    6th hour science grade 6

    7th hour science grade 6