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  • Sault Area Middle School


  • Kelly Beaumont

Course or Grade

  • 7th Grade Science 

Communication Plan

  • Google Classroom: 7th Grade Science 
    In this classroom, I will be posting instructional notes, assignments, answers, and links to videos that can reinforce the learning for each
    section. Students will be given the opportunity to get help through two-way communication with me prior to having to submit any



Delivery Plan

  • Students were all invited to join the google classroom course. 

    At the begining of each week (Monday at 8 AM), that weeks work will be posted.  The work will be due the following Wednesday at 10 AM so everyone will have the opportunity to work to their own schedules.  

    On Monday at 8 AM the weeks Zoom meeting times will also be announced.   Each will three zoom meetings will be hosted for students that want extra explaination or would like to get questions answered.  All three meetings will be over the same material but are hosted at different time to fit various schedules.  Students will not be required, but are recommeded to attend one meeting per week.  

Plan for Submitting Work and Feedback

  • Work will be submitted through Google Classroom.  The work will then be graded within a week of submission. 

    In Google Classroom students also have the opportunity to submit their first packet virtually.  This will be graded for feedback only and will not be required to submit.  

Additional Supports and Extra Help

  • Zoom meeting will be held three time a week for students to ask questions and recieve further explaination of that week's concepts. The meeting times for the week will be announced in Google Classroom each Monday at 8AM. 

    Email or Call.  My contact information is posted on the "About My Class" page. 

    Office Hours will be held Wednesdays from 8AM to 12PM.