Contact Information

    Any questons that may arise, please feel free to contact school staff as noted below to have you questions answered directly.

    Main Office                                                                                                                     635-3839 ext 5700

    Principal                   Jessica Rondeau-McCarthy     jrondeau@eupschools.org           635-3839 ext 5708

    Assistant Principal   Bill Schomberg                        bills@eupschools.org                    635-3839 ext 5711

    Advisor, Gr 6&8        Becky Dale                              bdale@eupschools.org                 635-3839 ext 5705

    Counselor Gr 5&7     Pamela Pomeroy                    ppomeroy@eupschools.org          635-3839 ext 5706

    Native Am. Advisor  Erika Laitinen-Odbert             elaitinenodbert@eupschools.org  635-3839 ext 5713

    There are many changes to the fast-approaching start of school, we appreciate your patience and flexibility as we work together to reopen our schools safely. We are incredibly grateful for our talented staff and supportive families!

    Bill Schomberg