• At times, students or parents wish to know the student's current grade in a class(es).   The procedure is as follows:

    1.   The parent/guardian writes a request in the student agenda planner for each week they wish to receive the grade.  The request is to be written in the Parent/Teacher comment section at the bottom of the planner for that particular week.  The note must be written at the beginning of the week (Monday or Tuesday) to allow teachers time to calculate the grade.

    2.   The student is responsible for presenting the note in the planner to each teacher from whom grades are requested, prior to the last full day of each week.

    3.   The teacher will calculate the student's grade by the last school day of that week and present the grade to the student.

    4.   The student is responsible for sharing the information with their parent/guardian.

    5.   The parent can also email the teacher/teachers each week requesting a progress report by the end of that week.