• We follow the 4 B's at all times in the classroom:

    • Be Safe
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible
    • Be Ready to Learn
  • Be Safe

    For our class, we will be doing some hands-on activities. These activities may have potential hazards. We could use some equipment that may be dangerous if not handled properly. We must always Be Safe in the classroom. Additional safety instructions will be given for each activity. Report any unsafe behavior to the teacher immediately.


    STEAM Student Safety Contract

    1. Be Responsible at all times in the classroom. Horseplay, practical jokes, and pranks will not be tolerated.
    2. Follow all instructions carefully. Ask questions if you do not understand the instructions.
    3. Do not touch any materials in the classroom without permission from the teacher.
    4. Perform only authorized and approved experiments.
    5. Never open storage cabinets or enter the prep/storage room without permission from the teacher.
    6. Do not remove equipment or supplies from the classroom without permission from the teacher.
    7. Never eat, drink, chew gum, or taste anything in the classroom without permission.
    8. Keep hands away from face, eyes, and mouth while using materials or when working with either chemicals. Wash your hands with soap and water before leaving the classroom after certain projects.
    9. Wear safety glasses or goggles when instructed. Never remove safety glasses or goggles during an experiment. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
    10. Keep your work area and the classroom neat and clean. Clean all work areas and equipment at the end of the experiment. Return all equipment clean and in working order to the proper storage area.
    11. Follow your teacher’s instructions to dispose of any waste materials generated in an experiment.
    12. Report any accident (fire, spill, breakage, etc.), injury (cut, burn, etc.), or hazardous condition (broken equipment, etc.) to the teacher immediately.
    13. Consider all chemicals in the classroom to be dangerous.
    14. Handle all glassware with care. Never pick up hot or broken glassware with your bare hands.
    15. Dress properly—long hair must be tied back, no dangling jewelry, and no open toe shoes. Wear aprons when instructed.
    16. Learn where the safety equipment is located and how to use it. Know where the exits are located and what to do in case of an emergency fire drill.

    Students that do not follow these rules and safety procedures will not be allowed to participate in hands-on STEAM activities and will be given alternative assignments.

  • Be Respectful

    Use your voice at an appropriate level at all times

    • Talk at a normal level in the classroom
    • Raise your hand to ask or answer a question

    Be kind to all

    • Be willing to help others
    • Be understanding of others' ideas and circumstances
    • Be willing to compromise
    • Mind your own business

    Take care of the classroom

    • Straighten tables and push in chairs before leaving
    • Clean up any trash
  • Be Responsible

    Stay on task

    • Ask questions related to the lesson
    • No leaving the classroom during the lesson or instructions

    Let peers do their work without interference

    • No talking during the lesson unless called on
    • Stay on topic while doing work

    Complete work on time and turn it in

    • Use time given in class to complete assignments
    • Make sure First name, Last name, and Hour are on every assignment
    • Check Google Classroom for assignments when you are absent
    • Grades will be updated in MiSTAR weekly
  • Be Ready to Learn

    Be prepared for class

    • Bring a positive attitude!
    • Be ready to think and ask questions!
    • Use the restroom and water fountain before coming to class
    • Sit in your assigned seat and wait quietly for directions
    • Bring all materials needed for class
      • Planner
      • Something to write with
    • NO personal cell phones or electronic devices at any time
  • Failure to follow the expectations will result in the following:

    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Teacher-Student conference after class
    3. Call home to parent/guardian
    4. Referral to the office (If the action is severe, the referral will take place immediately)
Last Modified on August 26, 2023