• Week of 4/8:

    • Monday: Solar Eclipse Day - Eclipses Explained and Kahoot
    • Tuesday: Substitute day - Guided Reading about Eclipses
    • Wednesday: Eclipse Recap and Worksheet
    • Thursday: Space Needle Design Challenge Introduction
    • Friday: Space Needle Design Challenge Build & Test

    Week of 4/1

    • Monday: No School - Spring Break
    • Tuesday: Spring Logic Puzzles
    • Wednesday: Spring Mystery Coordinate Graphing
    • Thursday: Graphing Moon Phases
    • Friday: Half Day of School - Incentive Day

    Week of 3/18

    • Monday: EVERFI Data Champions
    • Tuesday: Engineering Design Process Review
    • Wednesday: Engineering Design Process Review Post Test
    • Thursday-Friday: Code Monkey - Choice of Banana Tales or Find the Leprechaun Game Creation

    Week of 3/11

    • Monday: Finish building Wind Powered Cars and Final testing
    • Tuesday: Substitute day - Renewable Energy Sources article and questions
    • Wednesday: Finish Final Testing of Wind Powered Cars
    • Thursday: Pi Day Worksheet - Area and Circumference of Circles
    • Friday: St. Patrick's Day Science - Hypothesis using If, Then statements

    Week of 3/4 

    • Monday: Wind Powered Car Design Challenge Introduction
    • Tuesday: Half Day of School - Patriotic Periodic Table Challenge
    • Wednesday: Half Day of School - President's Day Logic Puzzles
    • Thursday: Wind Powered Car Design Challenge Build day
    • Friday: Wind Powered Car Design Challenge Build day and trials

    Week of 2/26

    • Monday: Working in Teams - EVERFI Game Development Studio
    • Tuesday: Working in Teams - STEM Group Roles flip book
    • Wednesday-Thursday: Snow Day - No School
    • Friday: Half Day of School - Hours 1& 2 only - Code Monkey choice: Dodo Does Math, Space Adventure, or Game Creation Course

    Week of 2/19

    • Monday: No School
    • Tuesday: Engineering Design Process Pre-Test, EVERFI Designing the Ultimate Prototype
    • Wednesday-Thursday: What is Engineering? Worksheet and Cell Phone Stand design project
    • Friday: Hour of Code - Code Monkey on Learning.com

    Week of 2/12

    • Monday: Substitute day. CSI Math Mystery - Roman Numerals 
    • Tuesday: Chocolate is at Risk
    • Wednesday: Valentine's Logic Puzzles
    • Thursday: Be a Doctor - Heart Disease Detection
    • Friday: No School

    Week of 2/5

    • Monday: Snow Science/Hockey Math
    • Tuesday: Hockey Math
    • Wednesday: Hockey Math Snow Science
    • Thursday: Paper Football Math
    • Friday: Hour of Code - Dance Party AI

    Week of 1/29

    • Monday: Classroom Expectations Escape Room
    • Tuesday: Moon Landing Survival Activity
    • Wednesday: Claim, Evidence, Reasoning Stations
    • Thursday: Amazon Data Center Tour
    • Friday: Hour of Code - Code with Anna and Elsa

    Week of 1/22:

    • Monday: No School
    • Tuesday: Welcome to STEAM and Classroom Expectations
    • Wednesday: CSI Math Mystery - The Missing Teacher
    • Thursday: Google Classroom and All About Me
    • Friday: Hour of Code on Code.org - Artist
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