HEALTH LESSON PLANS (tentative)
    Week 1:
    Tuesday: Welcome 
    Wednesday: Health Triangle; Your Health Triangle Activity
    Thursday: Decision Making
    Friday: Decision Making Practice
    Week 2:
    Monday: Character
    Tuesday: Life Expectancy
    Wednesday: Goal Setting; Review for Test
    Thursday: Physical Activity 
    Friday: My Plate Video & ?s; Test Unit 1
    Week 3:
    Monday: Nutrition
    Tuesday: Fad Diets
    Wednesday: Fast Food
    Thursday: Body Image & Steroid Use
    Friday: Nutrition Web Quest & Crossword
    Week 4:
    Monday: Eating Disorders
    Tuesday: Food Labels
    Wednesday: Food Labels; Review for Test
    Thursday: Body Systems
    Friday: Unit 2 Test
    Week 5:
    Monday: Communicable & Non-Communicable Diseases
    Tuesday: Cardiovascular Disease; Family Tree
    Wednesday: Cancer
    Thursday: First Aid
    Friday: No school for students
    Week 6:
    Monday: Communicable Disease Research
    Tuesday: Review of Body Systems; Quizlet to Study for Body Systems Quiz
    Wednesday: Environmental Hazards; Body Systems Quiz
    Thursday: Non-Communicable Disease Research
    Friday: Activities
    Week 7:
    Monday: Healthy Behaviors & Lifestyle Diseases
    Tuesday: Sun Safety
    Wednesday: Relationships
    Thursday: Movie
    Friday: Movie
    Week 8:
    Monday: Communication; Review for Test
    Tuesday: Test Unit 3
    Wednesday: Communication cont.
    Thursday: Communication cont.
    Friday: Whole Person Activity
    Week 9:
    Monday: Depression & Other Mental Disorders
    Tuesday: Depression & Other Mental Disorders
    Wednesday: Suicide
    Thursday: Bullying
    Friday: Stress Management
    Week 10:
    Monday: Drug Categories; Review for Test
    Tuesday: Drug Misuse, Tobacco & Vaping
    Wednesday: Test Unit 4
    Thursday: Half-day for students
    Friday: Drug Research
    Week 11:
    Monday: Overtaken Documentary; MiPHY Stats
    Tuesday: Alcohol Notes
    Wednesday: Marijuana Notes
    Thursday: Opioids & Addiction Cycle
    Friday: Weighing the Risks Wkst & ATOD Crossword
    Week 12: 
    Monday: Abuse Notes; Review for Test
    Tuesday: Unit 5 Test
    Wednesday: Violence
    Thursday: Violence
    Friday: Danger Behind the Wheel