HEALTH LESSON PLANS (tentative)
    Week 1:
    Tuesday: Welcome 
    Wednesday: Health Triangle; Your Health Triangle Assessment
    Thursday: Decision Making
    Friday: Decision Making Practice
    Week 2:
    Monday: Character
    Tuesday: Life Expectancy
    Wednesday: Goal Setting; Review for Test
    Thursday: Physical Activity 
    Friday: My Plate Video & ?s; Test Unit 1
    Week 3:
    Monday: Nutrition
    Tuesday: Fad Diets
    Wednesday: Body Image
    Thursday: Fast Food
    Friday: Eating Disorders
    Week 4:
    Monday: Food Labels
    Tuesday: Nutrition Webquest; Crossword
    Wednesday: Food Label Practice; Review for Test
    Thursday: Test Unit 2
    Friday: Body Systems
    Week 5:
    Monday: Lifestyle Diseases & Healthy Behaviors
    Tuesday: Communicable & Noncommunicable Diseases
    Wednesday: Cardiovascular Disease; Family Tree
    Thursday: 1st hour only--half day for Parent/Teacher Conferences
    Friday: Basic First Aid
    Week 6:
    Monday: Review for Body Systems Quiz;Study for Body Systems Quiz
    Tuesday: Environmental Hazards; Body Systems Quiz
    Wednesday: Communicable Disease Worksheet
    Thursday: Sun Safety & Tanning
    Friday: snow day
    Week 7:
    Monday: Non-Communicable Disease Assignment
    Tuesday: Cancer
    Wednesday: Review for Test; Crossword
    Thursday: Test Unit 3
    Friday: Snow Day
    Week 8:
    Monday: Relationships
    Tuesday: Communication
    Wednesday: Communication
    Thursday: Bullying
    Friday: Talk about plans for shut down
    Mandatory School Shut down from March 16 - April 3
    Assignments during the shut down.  (The paper copies will be coming in the mail, but I thought I would also post it here in case any student would like to get started on assignment #3.)
    2) Communication Strip; click here for electronic copy 
    3) Journal--I would like you to keep a journal for a minimum of 10 days while we are on shut down. In your journal, I would like you to include these 5 things each day.  If you choose to do this electronically as a word document or google doc, you may send it to me at ahammock@eupschools.org otherwise turn in your written copy with your other assignments upon return.
    A) What is one healthy choice that you made today?
    B) What is one thing that you are grateful for today?
    C) What is one thing that you did for self-care today? (something you are doing for you and your mental, social, spiritual, or physical health)
    D) What is one goal that you have for tomorrow to be a better version of yourself than you were today?
    E) Share something that made you smile or laugh today.  If you have nothing, share anything with me about today or a random thought.
    Unit 4 Resources: I am including these resources for anyone that would like to view them as your Odysseyware assignments have some gaps.
    Wrap-up assignment for Unit 4: Complete the attached "Whole Person Wheel" following the instructions.  This may be done on a separate piece of paper and emailed to me.  
    The "Whole Person Wheel" is all about you.  Complete the sentences with a minimum of 3 things for each sector that applies to you.  You may add as many as you like in each area.  You can keep things "light" or dig a little "deeper" if you would like.  I have shared my whole person wheel as an example.
    This assignment is due no later than Monday April 20th.