• Sault Area High School
    Student Government 
  • What We Are Working On:
    Student goals for the 2016-17 school year: 
    1. Encourage and Support Positive Change at SAHS.
    2. Seek funding sources to improve the speaker system in the high school gym. 
    3. Address concerns brought forth by students or staff.
    What We Have Done So Far The Year:
    1. Sought out an additional microwave and cart for student use at lunch.
    2. Active support on Veterans with the Yellow Ribbon Project. 
                               student government picture of students  
     Meeting Agendas:
  • Seniors:        
    Ben Reattoir - President                                      
    John DeWeese - Vice President  
    Regan Casey - Treasurer  
    Kayla Andary - Secretary
    Mackenzie Kalchik - Portfolio
     Katja Wilhelms
    River Jenkins                   
    Miranda Schomberg      
    Kayla Wilhems
    Caitlyn Scornaiencki
    Austin Taylor 
    Breanna Vert
  • Contact Us:
    Founded by Sault Area High School to encourage students to express their concerns and ideas, promote a positive discourse and proactively represent the student voice of Sault Area High School
    If you are a student at SAHS and have a issue that you would like to be address please contact a representative from your class or Ben Reattior - President of Student Government. 
    Committee Assignments;
       Recognition (Secretary) – Kayla Andary, Mackenzie Kalchik
       Community Service (President) – Ben Reattoir, Katja Wilhelms, Kayla Andary
       Fundraising (Treasurer) –Regan Casey, John DeWeese, Miranda Schomberg
       School Spirit (V.P.) – John DeWeese, Kayla Wilhelms, Ben Reattoir,  Regan Casey, River Jenkins, Katja Wilhelms, Breanna Vert, Miranda Schomberg, Austin Taylor
       Portfolio (Historian) – Mackenzie Kalchik, Kayla Wilhelms , Breanna Vert, Caitlyn Scornaiencki, River Jenkins