• National Honor Society is an organization that is built around Four Pillars: Character, Leadership, Scholarship and Service.  In order to be eligible for NHS, you must apply for acceptance in your junior year of high school.  To be accepted, a student must have a overall GPA of 3.3 and demonstrate leadership, service, and good character in the school and community.  If a student applies in their junior year, but does not make it they may be invited to reapply as a senior. We have had some students in the past who are very close to the 3.3 GPA, but not quite there.  If interested, they must still apply during their junior year.  If their GPA raises above the minimum criteria, they will be invited to reapply as a senior.  Other cases where applications may be accepted from seniors would be if a student moved to the district after the application window closed or they were an exchange student. 
    Here is a copy of the Sault Area High School National Honor Society By-Laws.  Please read the By-Laws so that you can see what SAHS NHS is about before you apply. Pay close attention to Articles VI, VII, and VIII.
    If you have any questions, contact Ms. Foster in room 251 or email cfoster-sas@eupschools.org


    Bylaws of SAHS NHS Chapter