Sault Ste Marie Area Public Schools, A Great Place to Learn


  • Sault Area High School


  • Tracy Menard

    906.635.3839 ext. 5888


Course or Grade

  • For the following classes:

    AP Psychology (1st period)

    English 12 (3rd period and 6th period)

    Drama (4th period and 7th period)

    Service Learning (5th period)


Communication Plan

  • The best mode of communication will be through email: and google classroom.  All students have been actively using google classroom already so this should not be an issue.  I am available to talk over the phone as well if you'd like to set up a time.

Delivery Plan

  • Google Classroom will be our primary delivery mode.


    In Classroom I will be posting notes, assignments, videos, and conducting class disucssions.  Students will be given the opportunity to get help thorugh two-way communication with me via email and through classroom from both me and our peers. 


    Links to all novels used this year are on my homepage under English 12.

Plan for Submitting Work and Feedback

  • Students will be expected to submit their work via Google Classroom in the usual manner we've submitted work in the past.  If a student chooses to hand-write an assignment or construct something tangible, they can simply take a picture of it to submit.


    Feedback will be provided as necessary or requested.  


    Questions, feedback, submissions can be made at any time regardless of office hours.  Responses will generally be within 24 hours.


Additional Supports and Extra Help

  • Students without internet have been provided hard copies of all assignments to date.  If you are in need of any supporting material, resources, extra copies, etc, please reach out to me for those:  Arrangements will be made for submission of these hard-copy assignments in the near future.  


    Please don't hesitate to reach out with any further needs or requests so that we can accommodate and make this transition as easy and painless as possible.