Parent Access

  • Parents will only need to follow this process once to register.  In the future, you only need to login with your Email and password. 

    Steps to Follow 

    1. Parents will need to go to and click the register link shown in the picture below at the bottom of this page.
    2. To the right of the phrase "First Name," type your first name:
    3. To the right of the phrase "Last Name," type your last name:
    4. To the right of the phrase "Access Code," type the access code given to you by your child's school district. Contact School for this code
    5. Click Save and continue.
    6. To the right of the word "Email," type your email address.
    7. To the right of the word "Password," type a password you would like to use. Please make a note of it somewhere private.

    Note that your password is "case sensitive”, meaning that any uppercase or lowercase letters you use now must be typed in exactly the same way later for the password to work.

    • To the right of the phrase, "Verify password," type the exact same password again.
    • Click Save and continue.

    You will receive confirmation of your registration and will be redirected to your student’s Illuminate profile.  You can now visit any time to see how your child is performing in his or her class(es), view upcoming assignments, and more.  Simply enter your email address and chosen password, and you will be granted access.  If you are having trouble accessing your account or need your access code, please call Patti Roy at  (906)635-3839 ext. 5819 or email